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Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies


Roots’ (ASX:ROO) latest news is a prime example of how it is fulfilling its mandate of producing and commercialising groundbreaking ag-tech technologies.

ROO is developing technologies that directly address critical challenges faced by modern agriculture, including water shortages, food production security, extreme weather conditions and global warming.

ROO has announced that it has successfully installed the world’s first stand-alone Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) system utilising solar and/or wind energy.

This system is capable of growing and sustaining entire growth cycles of food independent of the electricity grid or a normal water supply.

ROO’s breakthrough means its off-grid system can produce food crops using irrigation sourced only from humidity in the air and energy from the sun or wind.

This could very well prove to be a defining step forward in ROO’s journey to change the way food crops are produced.

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This is the world’s first solar or wind-operated Irrigation by Condensation (IBC) system that works ‘off the grid’ and could effectively change small and medium scale food production in areas with no stable access to local electricity or water is conducted.

The technology will be unveiled at Agri-Tech Israel 2018 International Exhibition and Conference next week. This is one of the world’s s most important exhibitions in the field of agricultural technologies and could have a big impact on ROO moving forward.