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Creso Pharma
Creso Pharma


Our Entry Price $ Current Price $ Current Return Highest Price $ Highest Return
$ 0.120 $ 0.180 50% $ 0.470 292%


Article Catalyst Timeframe Share Price Published
The USA Takes a Big Step to Decriminalise Cannabis: CPH Well Placed to Benefit IMMINENT $0.120 07 Dec 2020


📋 About: Creso Pharma (ASX: CPH) is Medical cannabis and psychedelics company, developing therapeutic, nutraceutical and lifestyle products for human and animal health.

🌏 Macro Theme: World regulations are expected to open up as cannabis and psychedlics become an accepted form of alternative medicine.

Creso Pharma Company Milestones

✅ $9M Cap Raise @ 2.9c: Next Investors Commentary
✅ Convertible Notes Extinguished:
Next Investors Commentary
✅ Key Appointment: Bruce Linton:
Next Investors Commentary
✅ Next Investors Watchlist:
Next Investors Commentary
🌏 TGA Reclassifies Cannabis as a Schedule 4 drug:
Next Investors Commentary
🌏 MORE Act Passed in the US:
Next Investors Commentary
✅ $18M Cap Raise @19c per share:
Next Investors Commentary
🌏 MindMed NASDAQ Listing:
Next Investors Commentary 1, Next Investors Commentary 2
✅ OTC Listing

🔲 Improved Global Regulatory Environment for Cannabis
🔲 Improved Global Regulatory Environment for Psychedelics
🔲 Unexpected Positive Announcement 1
🔲 Unexpected Positive Announcement 2
🔲 Unexpected Positive Announcement 3
🔲 Next Investors Portfolio Launch?

Cannabis Products

Purchase orders listed here are over $150k only

✅ Purchase Order 1 $295K (Nutraceutical / Pharma Products)
✅ Purchase Order(s) 2 $415K + (Nutraceutical / Pharma Products):
Next Investors Commentary
✅ Purchase Order 3 $300K + (Nutraceutical / Pharma Products)
✅ Purchase Order 4 $247K + (Nutraceutical / Pharma Products):
Next Investors Commentary
🔲 Purchase Order 5 (Nutraceutical / Pharma Products)
🔲 Purchase Order 6 (Nutraceutical / Pharma Products)
🔲 Purchase Order 7 (Nutraceutical / Pharma Products)
🔲 Purchase Order 8 (Nutraceutical / Pharma Products)
✅ Purchase Order 1 $242K+ (Mernova Cannabis)
✅ Purchase Order(s) 2 $502K+ (Mernova Cannabis):
Next Investors Commentary
✅ Purchase Order 3 $177K+ (Mernova Cannabis)

🔲 Purchase Order 4 (Mernova Cannabis)
🔲 Purchase Order 5 (Mernova Cannabis)
🔲 Purchase Order 6 (Mernova Cannabis)
🔲 Purchase Order 7 (Mernova Cannabis)
🔲 Purchase Order 8 (Mernova Cannabis)


✅ Plan to acquire Halucenex (psychedlics company) announced: Next Investors Commentary
✅ Increase Psilocybin Supply for Clinical Trials:
Next Investors Commentary
🔲 Halucenex receives Dealers License
🔲 Complete Halucenex Acquisition
🔲 Phase II Clinical Trials recruitment
🔲 Phase II Clinical Trials begin
🔲 Phase II Clinical Trials - interim results
🔲 Phase II Clinical Trial Completed
🔲 Phase II Clinical Trial Results
🔲 Commercialisation milestone

Investment Plan

ASX:CPH is a medium term investment we hold and write about that is not currently in the portfolio. We took a position at 3c in October 2020 as a short term hold which upgraded to a medium hold after the company delivered. On March 26 2021 we increased our position at 19c. We are considering adding CPH to our long term portfolio if it can deliver a few more key milestones.

✅ Initial Investment @ 3c
✅ Increased Investment 19c

🔲 Increased Investment
✅ Price Increase 500% from Initial Entry
✅ Price Increase 1,000% from Initial Entry

🔲 Price Increase 2,000% from Initial Entry
🔲 12 Month Capital Gains Discount
✅ Free Carry
✅ Take Profits

🔲 Hold Remaining Position for Two Years

most recent catalysts for Creso Pharma

The USA Takes a Big Step to Decriminalise Cannabis: CPH Well Placed to Benefit
CPH to Launch Innovative Hemp-based Animal Health Products with Virbac in Switzerland

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