Target Fast Moving Stocks


We invest in early stage ASX companies, which we believe will experience near term price catalysts.

These are high risk, high reward positions that we maintain for 6 to 12 months.

If the company delivers positive results, we become long term investors.

We tell you which companies we are invested in and why we think they will experience near term price movements – for free.

Our current investments and highest point since we invested:

Stock Code Date Invested Entry Price High Point
ASX:RAS Jul 21 $0.07 37%
ASX:TG1 Apr 21 $0.20 88%
ASX:ARN Mar 21 $0.24 115%
ASX:MAN Mar 21 $0.12 143%
ASX:FGL Feb 21 $0.06 63%
ASX:NES Feb 21 $0.08 75%
ASX:FYI Jan 21 $0.36 103%
ASX:NTI Dec 20 $0.06 35%
ASX:LRS Nov 20 $0.03 233%
ASX:SGC Nov 20 $0.04 186%

most recent companies with very near term price catalysts

MAN’s Drilling Now 7 days Away - 30km from Chalice Mining
Halloysite Head to Head Hit Out
Halloysite Heavyweights Go Head to Head - LRS vs ADN
MAN drills 30km from a $3BN World Class Metals Discovery
LRS delivers Maiden Jorc Resource: Is it better than Andromeda?
ARN to Spin out Gold Assets Ahead of Nickel Drilling Event
We are now Holding FYI for the Long Term
NTI Begins Autism Clinical Trials for Unique Cannabis Strain

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