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The tightly held GTi Resources (ASX: GTR) has acquired a number of highly prospective, past producing uranium and vanadium properties located in the Henry Mountains, within Garfield and Wayne Counties near Hanksville, Utah, USA.

The properties cover ~1,500 hectares of the Henry Mountains region — a highly prolific region that forms part of the prolific Colorado Plateau uranium province and has provided the most important uranium resources in the USA. The region has historically produced in excess of 17.5 Mt of ore averaging 2,400 ppm (92 mlbs U3O8) and 12,500 pp, V2O5 (482 mlbs V2O5).

GTR's 1,500ha landholding is within trucking distance to the White Mesa Mill— the only conventional fully licensed and operational uranium / vanadium mill in the US.

Why we have invested...

  • 100% owned Niagara Project
    • The Niagara Gold Project is located near Kookynie in the Eastern Goldfields of WA, where results from a recent program conducted by Metalicity saw that company’s share price rise 250%
  • Upside
    • While the market looks to have factored GTR’s uranium play, it has not fully priced in the company’s WA gold project, but it is unlikely to remain that way for long.
  • Gold macro outlook
    • Gold recently hit $2000 per ounce, with some analysts predicting it could go to US$3000.
  • Uranium play/White Mesa Mill
    • GTR’s uranium properties in Nevada are located within trucking of White Mesa Mill, the only operating conventional uranium mill in the US.
  • Uranium macro outlook
    • A looming uranium supply and demand mismatch sees the US looking to once again become a powerhouse in nuclear supply and production.

Research Reports

July 15 2020: GTR Raises Capital, Acquisition Doubles Jeffrey Project

May 15 2020: "Developing High Grade Uranium in Utah"

most recent catalysts for GTi Resources

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