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About Catalysts

A “Stock Price Catalyst” is defined as an event that initiates or accelerates a strong share price reaction. CatalystHunter provides alerts when a stock is close to a share price catalyst that could potentially initiate a share price movement.

Why invest in stock when there is still months before any share price movement could happen? If you’re reading Catalyst Hunter, the waiting game is over. Be alerted to small cap catalysts.

If there’s news designed to move a share price, you want to know about it. But what is a catalyst and how do you recognise one? Check out these tips to find out:

about mining #2


Drilling commencement: The anticipation behind the start of a drilling campaign can have a significant impact. Catalysts can be determined by what the company is drilling is for, when the drilling will start and what its prospects are.

Drilling results: Drilling at a minerals exploration site is often good news for a company. If a company is drilling and producing positive results, it’s a good sign the company is making a move.

about oil #2


Drilling a well: There’s oil in them there hills. When many companies are looking to capitalise on dwindling oil supplies, the one who strikes oil could well be the next big thing. It all begins with the drilling.

about biotech #2


Positive test results: Phase 1, 2 and 3 trials are important in the life of a biotech. Could the results of these trials catch the eye of big pharma?

about tech #2


New technology: Technology is rapidly changing the way we live. Think Tesla’s Elon Musk and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. What will be the next big tech release?

about legalese #2


Legislative change: If a government changes policy, it can have a huge impact on a company’s progress. The recent legalisation of medicinal marijuana is case in point and has many companies clamouring for what could be a piece of a multi-billion dollar pie.

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